Small Businesses

Small Businesses

Simple energy conservation tips such as switching off office equipment and using energy saving lamps will help reduce your energy consumption.

Below are easy tips to enhance energy efficiency in your office. 

Office energy saving tips

Before you leave the office, always ensure that:

  • All office equipment, including computers, photocopiers and printers are switched off.
  • The lights in the building are switched off.
  • Air conditioners are switched off – this can actually be done at least an hour before you leave.
  • All water heaters and kitchen equipment such as tea urns, hot plates, and coffee machines are switched off.?



Lighting uses a large amount of electricity in many office premises. Any savings made around the lighting in your office building is going to make a huge difference.

  • Construct buildings that maximize on natural daylight to take advantage of sunlight during daytime.
  • Use natural daylight and try to turn off the lights in your office during the day whenever you can; especially if you work near a window or a skylight.
  • Switch off your office lights when you leave.
  • Install efficient lighting systems and get an expert to advise you when choosing lighting for the office.
  • Installing electronic ballasts can save up to 60% of the electricity required.
  • Switch to LED lighting and save up to 50% on energy compared with fluorescent tube lights.
  • Use energy saving Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) or LED lighting instead of using regular incandescent lighting. CFLs last six times and LEDs more than 10 times longer than incandescent light bulbs (ordinary bulbs) and use 80% less electricity.
  • Switch to the easy to install LED down-light system and get more than 50% saving compared to CFL down-lights.
  • Fit motion sensors instead of leaving lights burning all the time.
  • Use photo-sensors for security lighting to ensure your lights are on and off when required.

    Appliances and equipment
  • Energy efficient equipment reduces your electricity consumption
  • Leaving computers and other equipment on standby still use up to 40% of the operating power. Always turn off the equipment wherever you can.
  • Use the ‘power save’ mode to reduce your computer’s electricity consumption by around 40% when you are not using it.
  • Boil the amount of water that you need to make a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Use flat computer screens whenever possible because they use less energy than older monitors.
  • Ensure that air conditioning is only running in rooms that are occupied.
  • Turn off as many electrical equipment as possible over the weekends and holidays when fewer staff are at the office.
  • Ensure that ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems in your building are regularly serviced to make them more efficient.
  • Ensure all hot water pipes and air conditioning ducts are well insulated.