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The numbered items are the components of both the pre-paid and post-paid electricity charges which are exactly the same as per the Approval of Tariffs set by the Energy Regulatory Commission for Supply of Electrical Energy.

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1. Balance Brought Foward

This is your previous bill balance. If it’s already been settled, that payment is reflected here.

2. Fixed Charge

This was a cost that used to towards the billing or prepaid vending process. It was scrapped with the introduction of new tariffs in August 2018

Charged to

Kenya Power

3. Consumption

This is your electricity consumption within the billing period or prepaid vending month in kilowatt hours and shillings.

Charged to

Kenya Power

4. Fuel Cost Charge

This is the money used for generation of electricity from thermal power plants. It varies monthly depending on the quantity of thermal generation and the cost of fuel.

5. Forex Adjustment

The foreign exchange component is related to the fluctuation of hard currencies against the Kenyan Shilling for expenditure denominated in these currencies related to the power sector (e.g. project loan repayments).

6. Inflation Adjustment

Varies according to the domestic and international inflation on cost of supply. It is adjusted after every six months starting from the 1st of January.

7. WARMA Levy

Is currently set at 0.05 cents per kilowatt hour and is passed to the Water Resource Management Authority (WARMA) for hydro-power generation of 1Megawatt and above. In the pre-paid token receipt WARMA levy is combined with the ERC levy.

8. ERC Levy

Is currently set at 3 cents per kilowatt hour and is passed to the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to cover its operational costs.

9. REP Levy

This is currently set at 5% of the cost of the units consumed and is passed to the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) for implementation of rural electrification projects.

10. VAT

Is currently set at 16% and is applicable to Consumption, Fuel Cost Charge and Forex Adjustment.

11. Payments

This the payment received for your previous bill.

12. Total Amount

This is the total amount due and is payable within the period stipulated in the bill.

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