Electricity Safety Awareness

  1. Always engage a licensed electrician and avoid quacks…a list of licensed electricians can be found on the epra website on www.epra.go.ke
  2. Ensure that your power supply is legally supplied by kenya power, the only licensed distributour of electricity in the country.
  3. Ensure that your buildings, structures or operations are not under or very near power lines.
  4. Do not touch, drive over or try to remove fallen power lines, electricity poles or conductors. If you come across fallen power lines call 97771 or dial *977#, or contact your local police station.
  5. Take care when cutting trees near power lines. Contact the nearest kenya power office before doing so. In addition, do not plant trees under power lines.
  6. Have your electric fence installed and maintained by qualified personnel.
  7. Keep off transformers and power supply cables. If you notice anyone attempting to vandalise a transformer or tamper with cables call 97771 or report to your nearest police station.
  8. Ensure that metallic clothing lines and tv ariels do not come into contact with energised power lines.
  9. Watch out for children playing with electrical appliances or playing near transformers including flying kites near power supplies.
  10. Do not touch electrical components with wet hands.
  11. Do not overload sockets.