Kenya Power to invest USD 600 million in power network

The electricity distribution network will be strengthened to support heavy industrial and commercial use, with the injection of over USD 600 million in the next three years, Kenya Power Managing Director and CEO, Dr Ben Chumo said today.

Addressing members of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) at a Nairobi Hotel, Dr Chumo said the Company was working on projects that will provide dedicated power supply lines to industrial and commercial centres with adequate redundancy to ensure continuous supply during periods of system maintenance.

“Our business is to support economic growth, and we plan mega investments in the network to make is robust to support manufacturers to increase their productivity and expand capacity that will create more employment and wealth,” he said.

Dr Chumo explained there is also an on-going initiative to strengthen the existing distribution network by addressing inherent weaknesses with the objective of reducing unplanned supply interruptions and improve quality and reliability of electricity.

In relation to adequacy of power supply, Dr Chumo said the 5000 MW project by the government was on course adding that by August this year 280 MW from the competitively priced geothermal power would be injected into the grid, adding that this will help to start bringing down cost of power from where it is currently.

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