North Eastern residents benefit from subsidised electricity

January 2015

Kenya Power plans to spend Shs.315 million to connect 18,336 residents of North Eastern Region as it continues with the implementation of its special programme to provide safe and affordable electricity connection in informal settlements.


The power firm’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ben Chumo, revealed this today during an exercise to connect customers at Kiganjo village in Gatundu.


Dr. Chumo said the project in Kiganjo village and the surrounding areas aims to connect 8,712 customers at an approximate cost of Shs.161 million with the aim of enhancing the lives of the residents by providing safe, legal and affordable power connection to people living in informal settlements.


“In future, we plan to connect residents of Eldas, Merti, Shokaa, and Bulla in Wajir; Daabab and Ifo in Garissa; and Iyaani village in Kitui” Dr. Chumo added.


The World Bank funded electrification programme targets informal settlements and other low-income areas. It allows qualifying residents to pay a minimal charge of Shs.1,160 per connection. The World Bank through the Global Partnership of Output-Based Aid (GPOBA) contributes US$ 225(Shs.19,350), while Kenya Power contributes Shs.11,970 per connection making up the standard capital contribution of Shs.32,480 per connection.   


Kenya Power has backed up its support of the programme by constructing connection lines, and installing transformers and other power distribution infrastructure to enable connection to customers’ houses.  


For more information, contact:
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