Kitale’s Power Supply Gets Shs.120 Million Boost

October 18th 2014

The quality of power supply to the residents of Kitale is set to greatly improve following a massive exercise by Kenya Power to rehabilitate the power equipment and network serving the area’s commercial and social hubs at a cost of Shs.120 million.

The power firm’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ben Chumo, said that the project is part of a major countrywide exercise known as Boresha Umeme which involves conducting master repair works at existing substations and upgrading power lines.

Dr. Chumo added that Kenya Power had carried out similar exercises in twenty-one other towns countrywide with marked service improvements reported.

Acknowledging the increased demand for power in the area, Dr. Chumo said that the Company was working with various financial institutions to develop appropriate loan facilities to assist Kenyans to pay for new connections. The power firm, he explained, had negotiated with Jamii Bora Bank, Equity Bank, National Bank as well as Stima Savings and Credit Cooperative to provide the credit.

In addition to this, African Development Bank, Dr. Chumo said, has committed Shs.13 billion for the last mile connectivity programme which will facilitate extension of the grid nearer to homesteads so that more Kenyans can connect power to their premises.

Dr. Chumo further urged county governments to set aside funds for constructing new power lines to supply power to their citizens not covered by the existing grid.

For more information, contact:
Kenya Power Corporate Communications Dept.
Tel. 3201622/30 or/47