Government releases Shs.381 million for Nairobi street lights project

Monday, 13th October, 2014

The Government has released Shs.381.2 million to Kenya Power to rehabilitate Nairobi’s street lights and help promote a 24 hour economy in the city, Kenya Power Managing Director and CEO, Dr. Ben Chumo has said.

Speaking during a power upgrade project in Nairobi, Dr. Chumo disclosed that the funds is part of Shs.953 million allocated by the National Treasury to rehabilitate existing street lights on the Kenya Power infrastructure. “The entire Nairobi street lighting will be funded by the Government at a cost of Shs.10 billion,” he said.

Nairobi City County has approximately 24,000 street lights and 7,300 public lighting masts which cover about 30% of City. About 40% of these lights are not in operation hence the need for capital investment for the refurbishment. The new infrastructure will cover the remaining 70% of the lights which consists of about 12,959 public lighting masts and 54,029 street lighting points at a capital investment estimated to cost Shs.9.841 billion.

“Currently we are mapping areas where there are streetlights on Kenya Power infrastructure in conjunction with the County government officials, for the initial rehabilitation, as work continues to identify other street lighting that requires attention ” said Dr. Chumo.

Dr Chumo noted that currently, business transactions and productive activities are restricted to daytime operations due to perceptions and experiences of insecurity associated with poor nighttime visibility.

“Good lighting directly deters criminal activities by increasing the sense of personal safety as well as protection of property,” said Dr. Chumo adding that in order to achieve a 24 hour economy, there is need to provide adequate public lighting to industrial and residential areas, commercial centers, roads, railway and public transport facilities.

The government’s goal is to facilitate provision of sustainable, efficient and effective public lighting in all counties, he explained adding that Nairobi City County was selected first as it is the seat of Government and contributes 55% of GDP.

Priority areas in the city as resources become available would be implemented in the following areas where production and commerce takes place and workers live and commute to:

  1. Industrial Areas: Baba Dogo, Kariobangi Light Industries, Industrial Area.
  2. SMEs and Jua Kali: Kamukunji; Gikomba.
  3. Business Centres: CBD, Buruburu, Westlands, Eastleigh, Kahawa West, Embakasi.



For more information, contact:
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