Kenya Power to blacklist contractors for shoddy work

Nairobi, Thursday 24th May 2018......Kenya Power is in the process of blacklisting contractors for various projects for substandard work, failure to submit proper documentation and in certain cases interfering with the tendering process. 


In order to effectively execute the increasing number of jobs for construction of our network, the Company outsourced certain jobs which include emergency jobs, change of rotten poles and reinforcement schemes among other jobs. 

Due to the urgency of this work to ensure quality and stable power supply, the Company engaged some of the prequalified contractors.

However, following repeated complaints from our customers on the quality of work the Company decided to undertake an audit and found out some of these jobs were of substandard nature. 

"This is an ongoing process and we will keep working on it to ensure all our contractors meet the standards specified in the tender documents," said Kenya Power's Managing Director & CEO Dr. Ken Tarus.

After the audit report, the Company has decided to thoroughly investigate all contract work and take appropriate action where need be. 

This is to ensure that all works given to contractors meet the specified standards. 

"We want to warn all contractors that they must adhere to our international standards for works and failure to we will not hesitate to cancel their contracts and surcharge them accordingly,” Dr. Tarus said.

Kind Regards,

Kenya Power Corporate Communications