Kenya Power earns Shs.1 billion from fibre optic business

19th June, 2014

Kenya Power has generated a total of Shs.1billion from its fibre optic business in the last four years, the Company’s Chief Manager for Information Technology and Telecommunication, Eng. Samuel Ndirangu, has revealed.


Eng. Ndirangu said the Company is optimistic to grow its fibre revenue considering that it now offers backhaul services to over 8o% of the country's telecommunication companies riding on its transmission network.

Since establishment of fibre optic business in 2010, he said, Kenya Power has signed lease agreements with a number of telecommunications players with the latest entrant being Airtel Network. Others include Safaricom, Liquid Telecom, Jamii Telecommunications Limited, Indigo Telecom and Wananchi Group.

The Company has installed over 1,800km of optical fibre cable on the high voltage power lines across the country mainly to manage the national power grid, he said. The extra capacity is leased to telecommunication service providers. The company plans to extend the fibre optic cables to all counties served by the national grid.

He added that the Company has laid 400 kilometres of optical fibre on the distribution power lines to enhance management of power supply in the electricity distribution system. Kenya Power targets to extend the fibre optic network to the entire country in the long term.

"The fibre optic network now interconnects Uganda at Malaba boarder point opening up the first overhead interconnector of optical fibre with Kenya. Kenya Power has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Uganda Electricity Transmission for a cross border fibre optic connectivity to facilitate backhaul of data extending to submarine cables in Mombasa," he said.


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