Kenya Power improves supply to Machakos County

12 June, 2014

Kenya Power has spent Shs.123 million to improve the quality of electricity supply to Machakos town, and Shs.14 million on a 33 kilometer street lighting system on the Kithimani-Makutano ma Mwala Road, currently under construction by the Machakos County Government.

The quality improvement work involves doubling the capacity of the Machakos substation near Machakos town from 7.5MVA to 15MVA, and fitting of a new control room. Other work includes construction of additional feeders to Mumando and Kathiani, which has greatly improved the quality of power supply to those areas.

Further, the substation will henceforth receive alternative supply through a new Shs.3 million interconnector from Kiboko Substation near Emali on Mombasa Road, in case of a breakdown on the Athi River Substation from which it is currently supplied. The new interconnector will be commissioned next month.

The substation serves about 40,000 customers in Machakos town, Kathiani and Katelembo areas.

Yesterday, the Machakos County Governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua and Kenya Power Managing Director, Dr. Ben Chumo, toured the street lighting project along the 33 kilometer Kithimani-Makutano ma Mwala Road. Electricity to the street lights is derived from the existing 33kV Mwala line through an additional four kilometers of line, and 26 additional transformers supplying 32 street lighting control points over the entire span of the road from Kithimani near Garissa Road, to Makutano ma Mwala on Kitui Road.

Apart from lighting the road, more than six shopping centres and hundreds of new customers will benefit from the project. Governor Mutua said the street lighting, which includes wide-angle CCTV cameras mounted at various points, will also combat highway crime.

Dr. Chumo reiterated Kenya Power’s commitment to improve quality of supply throughout the country. He added that major reinforcement work had already been undertaken in Nairobi Industrial Area, Nyali in Mombasa and Busia, among others.


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