Court restrains county government from interfering with Kenya Power operations

May 31, 2016


The High Court in Mombasa today granted a temporary injunction restraining the County Government of Mombasa from arresting, intimidating, threatening, or interfering with Kenya Power employees or agents engaged in the company’s business operations of distribution, retail, and supply of electric energy and way leaves maintenance.

The county government had forcefully stopped Kenya Power from WayLeave maintenance especially around Nyali area. The power distributor was carrying out a massive network maintenance by cutting down vegetation which had grown to the extent of interfering with reliability of power supply in the coast region. Way leaves maintenance includes lopping of trees and hedges, clearing bushes, and cutting down trees touching electricity supply lines. 

The County government started clamping Kenya Power vehicles and harassing its staff.

On Monday, May 30, Kenya Power filed a notice of motion under Civil Procedures Rules and the Energy Act (2006) against the County government of Mombasa. With the ruling the utility company intends to remove all the vegetation encroaching the network not only in Mombasa but across the country.


Attached is a copy of the Court Order to be served to County government.

For more information, contact:

Kenya Power Corporate Communications Dept.

Tel. 3201622/30 or/47