Man killed in a failed attempt to vandalise a transformer

April 26, 2016

A middle-aged man was burnt to death by irate villagers in a failed attempt to vandalise a transformer at Gichocho in Ndumberi, Kiambu County.

The incident occurred at last night in which three other suspects escaped.

According to Kenya Power’s Acting Security Services Manager, Rtd Major Geoffrey Kigen, transformer thieves have taken advantage of general insecurity in the area escalating vandalism incidences in the recent past.

“We are trying to secure the transformers by placing them above live wires where vandals cannot access. We are also working with villagers to identify the criminals and so far they have been very cooperative,” said Rtd Major Kigen.

Vandalism of electricity distribution equipment is among the leading causes of power outages, undermining the quality of power supply to customers in addition to reduced productivity by industries.


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