Customer Information

What is prepaid power meter?

It is a type of meter with a customer interface unit that has a screen resembling that of a mobile phone which allows customers to manage their power consumption the same way they manage credit units for their mobile phones.

Switch to a better life

Life would be much easier if you planned to have your power connected on time – this will help you avoid embarrassing and annoying situations. Whether you are using power for your business or for personal purposes, make sure you remain connected by staying in touch with our contact center.

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E-bill is an electronic bill querying service from Kenya Power. It allows you to check your electricity account balance and bill due date any time, by SMS or e-mail.

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Kenya Power Fibre Optic Network

Telecommunications Business Unit (TBU)

Kenya Power, having been issued with a Network Facility Provider - Tier 2 License by the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK), has now developed a telecommunications business unit, “U-Telco” for its fibre optic business. Kenya Power’s fibre optic cable rides on the existing extensive power transmission and distribution network across the country.

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September 2018 Intake

The Institute of Energy Studies and Research (IESR) is a Regional Centre of Excellence in Energy Training and
Capacity Building. The institute offers Professional courses to corporate organizations, private companies and
contractors in the fields of Energy, Electrical, Mechanical, Fiber Optics and Management. The Institute also offers
tailor made courses in any topic within the fields


Safety Watts

Electricity is very useful in our lives but it must be handled with caution. Failure to do so is hazardous to both life and property.

A basic safety tip to have in mind is that the wires that bring electricity from the utility pole into your home are very powerful. Never touch them. Never let a metal ladder or a TV antenna touch these wires either.

Remember — stay clear and stay alive!

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Energy Saving Measures

In a world with limited energy resources, it is essential that we learn how to conserve our electricity. This helps us save money and preserve the environment. We can all make a difference by using the available power efficiently.

Discover how to save electricity and money with the Kenya Power DSM energy conservation campaign.

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Branch Service

Emergency telephone numbers have been provided at various Kenya Power offices to facilitate easier and faster reporting of faults, sudden power supply outages, low/high voltage, fires, electrocutions, dangerous connections, fallen electric wires and poles, and other emergency situations. Queries related to service delivery and customer service should be communicated to the respective Branch Business Heads.

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Paying your Electricity Bill

We have a wide number of convenient ways to pay your electricity bills. All payments are posted in your  electricity account on the same day.

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How are bills computed?

From units consumed each month. These units are recorded by an electricity meter installed at a customers premises. There are bye-laws which specify the applicable tarrif and rate per unit. Specific government levies like Value Added Tax (VAT) and Rural Electrification Fund (REF) are applicable.

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When are bills estimated?

When our meter readers fail to get access to the meter. This is usually because the gate to the premises is locked.

How do I query a bill?

You can query your bill at  any of our banking halls around the country. Please confirmed your current meter readings (simply take the reading from the meter installed in your premises). This will give any our staff assisting you an idea of just how much power you have consumed.
You can also check your bill using the link provided on our website.