Jua for Sure

Jua for Sure

You can now spot a genuine Kenya Power staff member.

First, ensure that the person you see in front of you is the same person whose photo appears on the staff ID tag.

Then, simply SMS the staff number on their tag to 95551 to confirm.

If the staff member is an employee, add an E infront of their ID. If the staff member is a contractor, add a C infront of their ID. E.g. ekp1111 or ckp1111.

The system will respond with:

  • Staff no.
  • National ID no.
  • Staff Name


Don't be conned. Jua for sure.

Report Fraudsters immediately on the Anti-Fraud Hotline Number: 0718-999-000

SMS charged at Shs 10 per query


www.kenyapower.co.ke 95551 0703-070 707, 0732-170 170