Human Resource & Administration


The Human Resource & Administration division is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the right mix of human capital to facilitate the Company's vision.

Headed by General Manager, Abubakar Swaleh, the division focuses on development and implementation of the new organization structure that aligns business processes to the corporate strategy, enhancing leadership capacity & technical competencies to improve business performance among many other directives.

The division is implementing various strategies in order to improve on efficiency. Key on this is automation of Human Resources Services:

    The system will enable employees to display their data and access their payslips from any location with internet connection. This system will also streamline the leave application, approval and payment process. Managers will be able to access their employees’ data including workflows from internet enabled devices. Employees will be able to validate their data in real time and suggest amendments to HR where need be.
    Employees will be able to apply for jobs online and even follow their application status in real time. The system will enable the users to shortlist applicants within a very short time. This will ensure that recruitment processing time is reduced. Data entry will be reduced since all applications will be done online from the portal. There will be transparency since all applicants will be able to follow the various status of their applications online.
    Employees will apply for their safari advances, claims and accounting from an online system. This will facilitate faster processing and payment of safari allowances. The system will enable supervisors keep track of all their employees on safaris with real time expenditure analysis. The approvals will be online thus eliminating impersonation and fraud.
    The system will enable users book for training programs online based on the training calendar and their identified needs. The module will also allow for both online learning where the company posts training materials online and also virtual learning where the company subscribes to virtual learning classes.
    Employees will be able to book their overtime hours online. This will ensure that overtime payments are captured on a daily basis thus avoiding delays in payment.

The Division will focus on the following strategic objectives namely; New Organization Structure that aligns business processes to the Corporate Strategy; Enhance Leadership Capacity & Technical; Transform the Training school to a modern Center of Excellence to serve the Kenyan and Regional Electricity Sub sector.; Institutionalize High Performance Culture; Provide Supportive Work Environment and Procurement of land for sub-station expansion.

Updated September 14, 2016